Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hack Ncell 3g internet to use for free!

These are the simple ways to hack Ncell 3g internet!
(Kripaya Ncell sanga sambandhit man6eharule thaha pauner gari leak nagardinu hola)

  • First of all you should have a 3g phone with multi application running function
  • Now go to internet settings of your phone.
  • Create Three internet profiles One by One as follows
  1. First with apn WEB
  2. Second with apn MERO
  3. Third with apn MMS
  • Now get three internet consuming softwares (Recommended Opera, Ebuddy and Bolt) (Mig doesnot work here because it disconnects itself time to time)
  • Divide each apn for each softwares i.e. web for Opera, mero for Bolt and mms for ebuddy
  • Then open opera and when "CONNECT USING" option arrives select web,  select mero and mms for bolt and ebuddy respectively.
  • Now you can see multi bridge connectivity on the net connected signal(only in nokia)
  • Use as much as you like and disconnect.
  • Thats it, as easy as blinking your eye.


  1. You will be charged for the apn "web" so just open single page from web and leave it on standby.
  2. MMS apn fails to open page but beware if you dont use mms apn you will be charged for all the data.

Its Working on mine and Hope will work on yours!


  1. Bro its not working in my Nokia N73.when i am start operamini with apn web,then bolt with apn mero n ebuddy with mms then
    1)operam mini is working but bolt is not receiving data but bolt is sending data

  2. Replies
    1. saying that web not getway replay? What to do bro plz help me.

  3. hey bro yo trick 2013 may 5 ma pani lagu hun6? Ncell le yo kamjori sudharyo van6n ni plz reply me rajankhatiwada40@yahoo.com

    1. if you want to use free internet on your phone go here http://www.neptricks.tk/2014/02/how-to-use-free-internet-on-android.html

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